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Astral Projection Exercises: A Guide for Beginners

This text will cover astral projection exercises you can do right now. Not only will you learn astral projection, but you will also learn what to do once you succeed. You will have your first OBE, then we will take a look at techniques to help understand it. Every technique afterward is an exercise you can perform during an OBE. This is where the real fun starts; learning how to enhance your OBEs and guide them towards your goals. At first, we will look at the type of experiences and goals the beginner should aim for. These are training your astral senses, and manipulating your environment. These two core skills will unlock everything astral projection has to offer.

Astral projection exercises 1: How to astral project

This exercise is among the most effective astral projection techniques available. Read this article for an in-depth discussion on how and why it works. If you have struggled in the past, this technique is for you. What follows is an excerpt from the aforementioned article that exactly describes the technique.

Step 1

Go to bed and sleep for 4-6 hours. Take into account how long you take to fall asleep. The average person takes around 14 minutes to fall asleep, if you take longer, go to bed earlier so that you sleep the right number of hours.

Step 2

After you have slept the aforementioned hours, wake up and stay awake for an hour, then go back to bed for at least 2 hours. Once again take into account how long you take to fall asleep to determine when you should wake up. While in bed focus on succeeding at leaving your bod. Also, think about what you want to do during astral projection

Step 3

During your second phase of sleep, you will notice yourself waking up slightly, often several times: this is the hypnogogic/hypnopompic stage of sleep. You will enter this stage multiple times during this practice session. When you notice yourself waking up slightly STAY PERFECTLY STILL AND DON’T MOVE. Any movement can completely sabotage the experience; this is the main reason for failing to astral project with this method.

Step 4

While staying perfectly still perform one of the following exit techniques. If you don’t succeed after a few minutes, go back to sleep and try again when you notice yourself waking up.

The following exit techniques are the ones I use personally, and all the exercises in this course are built around them.

The rope technique

Imagine there is an imaginary rope suspended above your head. Feel yourself climbing this rope over and over again. Focus on pulling yourself up and away from your body. Keep mentally climbing this rope until you feel yourself being pulled out of your body. When you’re successful it will feel like your floating or standing above your body. When this happens, move towards your door to complete the separation.

Rolling out

When you feel yourself waking up slightly, stay perfectly still, and feel yourself rolling onto your side. Try to mentally roll out of your body, focusing on the rolling sensation. When you’re successful, you will roll out of your body and might even feel yourself hitting the floor. When this happens get up and move out of your room to complete the exit.

Getting up

This happens to be my favorite technique and involves lying perfectly still and feeling yourself. Feel yourself getting out of bed and moving towards the door. Focus on the feel of your legs moving and your arms swinging. Feel the floor beneath your feet and your hands by your sides. When this is successful you will suddenly, feel yourself physically getting up and walking. Walk away from your body to complete the exit.

Taking your first steps

Many people who astral project for the first time, experience extremely weak senses. This is normal as you become more accustomed to the OBE environment. Your vision might be blurry to the point of blindness, but the feeling that you’ve left your body will be very obvious. The sensation that you are somewhere else and your physical body is in your bed is the defining characteristic of an OBE. You can feel yourself moving around while being completely unaware of your physical body, even if you can’t see anything.

If you have difficulty seeing or hearing, calmly repeat to yourself over and over that you want to see. Don’t try to push yourself to see or become frustrated. Keep moving around while calmly requesting the ability to see. If you keep doing this your sense of sight will switch on. When you become more experienced, the OBE will become so vivid that it will feel like you physically got out of your bed. The world will be electrifying and will feel even more real than the physical world.

Another phenomenon you should be aware of is something called sensory bleeding. Sensory bleeding is when physical sensations in your body show up during an OBE. For example, you might exit your body, but still feel your blanket wrapped around your body. Another example is experiencing thirst during an OBE because you’re physically thirsty. My best advice is to simply ignore these occurrences and continue exploration. 

What you should know during your first OBE

When starting, I suggest just moving around your home or in the nearby astral environment until you’re used to the experience. Most beginners cannot sustain an OBE for a long time. The reason for this is that it can be very easy for you to snap back to your body if you’re not careful. The OBE can be very delicate at times for a variety of reasons: physical discomfort, noises in your environment, or emotional tension. Any thoughts about your physical body, or experiencing extreme emotions like excitement can trigger an immediate return. This is completely harmless but can be annoying. Your first task is to see how long you can sustain the OBE without accidentally returning against your wishes.

Although a premature return can be annoying, it’s also one of the reasons why astral projection is so safe. If the experience becomes too intense for you, your physical body will react and immediately retract your astral body. This is why the OBE horror stories are such pure nonsense: because an OBE can terminate at any time.

Another important skill you have to learn is avoiding self-deception. The first thing you must notice is how your mind is shaping the experience. Different cultures experience the spiritual world differently, the same applies to individual practitioners. Start making it a habit to try and see how an OBE reflects your ideas and beliefs, and which experiences are completely surprising and original.

Your mind shapes an OBE

If you astral project and find yourself in your home, pay attention. You will notice that there are differences between what you see in your physical home, and how it looks like astrally. Furniture and decorations might be different or completely absent. It might also be night time in the astral world, while you know it should be daylight in the physical realm. Realize that you are not in the physical world at all, but in another one altogether and different rules apply. These rules are:

  1. Everything you see and experience is shaped by your mind, not the physical world.
  2. By understanding and training your mind, you can shape and manipulate what you experience.

Many beginners don’t realize that your mind shapes the astral world, and the unconscious is extremely powerful in this realm. What you expect to experience, or want to experience, whether deliberately or unconsciously, will have a definite impact.

This is one of the reasons why astral projection is so powerful. By training your mind you can unlock virtually every mystical state imaginable, but that takes practice. But before that can happen, you have to learn how to enhance your OBE and make it sustainable. This is done by teaching you to immerse yourself in the OBE to such an extent that the physical body is completely ignored.

Astral Projection Exercises 1: Training your senses.

Once you’ve astral projected successfully, just start walking. Get as far away from your physical body as you can, any thought about the physical body can end the experience. If you can’t see or your spiritual vision is blurry, just relax and keep walking while requesting to see. Don’t struggle or strain as this can end the OBE

Let whatever scenes you see just unfold naturally. They might be mundane or fantastical; just let whatever you see emerge on its own. Pay attention to how the environment moves and changes of its own accord. Look at how real it all appears, yet it is unlike anything in the physical world.

Focus on all your senses; your sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. See which sense is lacking and focus on enhancing it gently. If you are near water, take a sip and notice how it tastes. See if there are any flowers around you and breathe in the scent. Listen to any sounds, feel the texture of objects, and pay attention to the little details. Look at your hands, or your reflection in any nearby mirrors and pay attention to what you look like. Immerse yourself as much as possible in the experience.

What this exercise does is train your astral senses and teach you to have stable OBEs without randomly returning to your body. By immersing yourself in the astral scenes you will have more control over returning to your body and it will teach you to experience what this world has to offer.

Do this exercise for as long as you want, there is no rush. Once you’re happy with the quality and duration of your OBEs you can move on to the next exercise.

Astral projection exercises 2: Finding objects.

The first training exercise in shaping the astral world is by trying to find an object of your choice. Find a picture of an object you want to see, like a beautiful tree, a fantastical or historical building or work of art. Any object can be chosen, as long as you have a picture of it. 

Astral project and enter the spiritual world. Stay there and immersive yourself until the experience is stable. Now vividly imagine the picture of the object that you want to see. Keep walking and go look for that object in the spiritual world.

The astral world will begin to respond to your mind. When you find the object that you were looking for, you are successful. Then start looking for other things. Keep practicing until you consistently find the objects that you want to find. 

This exercise will teach you the first steps in how to shape and mold the experience according to your desires. You will need this training later when you learn how to work with symbols to unlock various spiritual states.

Astral projection exercises: Manifesting objects

In the previous exercise, you were taught how to find objects of your choice during an OBE. In this exercise, you will be making them with your mind. This will show you in a very direct manner just how interconnected your mind is with the spiritual world. You will simply have to think about an object and your mind will conjure it out of thin air during the OBE.

Start by astral projecting and exploring your environment until the experience is stable. Hold out your hand and imagine a cube, sphere, or other simple object appearing on your palm. Visualize and try to see the object as already being in your hand, focusing on it as much as possible.

If you’re successful, the object will appear out of thin air and rest in your palm. Pay attention and see if it differs from what you imagined. If you let out certain details when imagining the object, your mind will fill in the rest. Move on to more complex objects, such as conjuring up statues, trees, buildings, etc. Manifest anything you desire, and let your imagination flow freely.

Astral projection exercises 4: Entering astral environments

This exercise is aimed at letting you steer and control your OBE. Here you will learn how to enter the type of environment you want. We will build on this later so that you can start unlocking mystical states and explore different metaphysical systems such as pathworking.

Find a painting or picture of a scene or environment that you like. It can be a physical location, or something completely fantastical. After you have selected your scene, spend some time studying it as much as possible. What you’re trying to do is imprint this environment onto your unconscious. This will help shape the experience so that you can experience the environment you want.

Astral project, and proceed to stabilize the experience. Once the experience is stable, visualize the picture of your scene in front of you as vividly as possible. See the image as a gateway to the environment. Once you can see the image as a gateway, all you need is to walk through it.

Once you entered the gateway, look at the environment around you. See if it resembles the picture you used. Note the similarities and the differences: the more similar the environment is to your picture, the more successful the exercise. Practice this technique until you can enter any scene you want. I will discuss more astral projection exercises in a future article.

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