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Energy Work for Beginners: How to Learn the Basics

Energy work is an important part of mystical practice. It’s a simple and direct way to accelerate spiritual evolution with fast results. It’s used not only in yoga and qigong, but in astral projection. In this article you will learn energy work for beginners, so you can get started. However, we need to cover the basics.


In yoga, practitioners learn to access energy known as prana within the spiritual body. So, what is prana? Prana is the Sanskrit word for a type of spiritual energy that underlies reality and saturates all of existence. In Chinese Taoism, it’s referred to as chi and forms the foundation of the inner alchemy exercises of the Orient. In the West, the Romans called it spiritus, and in Hebrew, it is called ruach

It’s the breath of life that animates all of existence and allows living organisms to live. In fact, prana, chi, and ruach literally translate as ‘breath’. Entire systems dedicate themselves to harnessing this force through breathing exercises and meditative techniques. In yoga, prana is seen as flowing through special energy channels in the body called nadis and through centers of energy in the astral body called chakras

The yogic system has many energy channels and energy centers, but there are very specific ones that receive special attention. The three major energy channels flow along the left, and right side of the astral body called ida and pingala. However it also flows up the center of the spiritual body through the spine. This central energy channel is called sushumna and connects the seven major chakras or energy centers of the body. By allowing prana to flow freely through these energy centers, the result is an expansion of consciousness that awakens the individual’s spiritual potential than can lead to mystical enlightenment. 

In Taoism, the practice of qigong is aimed at mobilizing the breath, and causing its spiritual essence, called chi, to flow through the astral body. In this system, the psychic channels are referred to as meridians and connect several energy centers within the body. These energy centers are along the front and back of the body and are connected by, what is called, the function and control meridians. Just like yoga, qigong attempts to strengthen the flow of spiritual energy to attain mystical enlightenment. The use of the meridians also forms the foundation of acupuncture and is aimed at balancing, awakening, and redirecting the flow of chi in the body to heal it.

Stimulating prana is important, but you need to be very careful. Several authors tend to overdo the exercises in their energy work for beginners’ courses. One author in particular mashes yogic and Taoist exercises together to facilitate astral projection, but this is excessive and can be dangerous. Learning how to stimulate the chakras, or practicing qigong must be done under the guidance of a very competent teacher. Otherwise, it can result in extreme discomfort and a host of other problems.

These problems can range from uncontrolled sexual excitation, heart palpitations, anxiety, headaches and pressure inside your head, and in the most extreme cases, hallucinations and eventually psychosis. The exercises in this course are not nearly as extreme and are very safe as long as one simple rule is followed: don’t directly stimulate any energy points within the body, especially the major chakras. 

The chakras located at the base of the spine, the genitals, the center of the chest, and the two located within the forehead and crown, respectively, are particularly vulnerable. Stimulating them directly is very foolish if done without a good teacher. 

Basic energy work for beginners

In this article, we will avoid stimulating these centers directly. Energy work for beginners isn’t suitable for direct chakra stimulation. Instead, we will do so indirectly. This avoids the problems of increasing their activity to dangerous levels. Done in this manner, you won’t have any problems whatsoever and will learn how to sense and strengthen your energy body.

We will begin with the energy exercises that will stimulate your astral body into activity. Robert Bruce developed these techniques and describes them in Astral Dynamics, Mastering Astral Projection, and Energy Work. This system, which he calls the NEW Energy Ways, is relatively easy to learn and is very good at stimulating the energy body. Many people make the mistake that you must simply visualize prana or chi in your body and then attempt to move it within the body. This rarely works.

By making use of your sense of touch instead of your visualization, you get much better results more quickly. His system teaches energy work for beginners, through five forms of tactile imagination. This helps to stimulate the flow of prana. These are: brushing, stirring, wrapping, sponging, and bouncing.

It’s best to learn is by actually doing them. Let’s start with the basic energy work for beginners.

Stimulating the thumbs

  1. Start with a relaxation technique until you’re deeply relaxed. Get up afterward, and hold out your dominant hand. If you’re right-handed it will be your right and, and if you’re left-handed, it will be your left hand.
  2. Take a tiny brush and lightly brush the outside of your thumb, then brush the inside of your thumb. Pay attention to how these physical brush strokes feel. After you have a clear mental impression of how the physical brush strokes feel, you will recreate that sensation mentally.
  3. Now imagine yourself mentally brushing and stroking the outside of your thumb, then repeat this with the inside of your thumb. Mentally feel the brushstrokes as it moves across your thumb. Keep doing this for 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. As you are doing this note of any subtle sensations in your thumb. These sensations include a subtle buzzing or tingling, heat, cold, heaviness, or lightness. In the beginning, this will be very subtle, but noticeable. When you can notice these subtle sensations, it’s time to strengthen them.
  5. Imagine your thumb is a hollow tube. Create the mental sensation that you’re cleaning it with a tiny sponge that fits inside your thumb. Focus on the mental sensation of moving the sponge from the tip of your thumb to the base, up and down. Once you can feel the subtle buzzing, tingling, heat, cold, or other sensations, you can either stop or continue. 

When you feel these sensations, congratulations! You have taken the first steps in stimulating prana in your astral body! Now do these exact same exercises with your other thumb. When you can feel energetic sensations in both your thumbs, you can start stimulating the entire hand.

Stimulating the fingers

  1. Do the relaxation technique, get up, and stimulate the flow of energy in your thumbs. Repeat the same actions of brushing, and sponging with the index finger, until you feel energy sensations. Then move to, the middle finger, the ring finger, and the little finger. Do this with both hands. Once you can feel energy sensations in all your fingers, you can start stimulating your palms.

Stimulating the palms

  1. Begin by stimulating all your fingers. You need to perform a stirring action to stimulate your palms. Start with your dominant hand. Imagine the mental brush strokes moving in a circular motion on your palm. Keep doing this for at least 5 minutes until you feel the subtle sensations of tingling, buzzing, heat, cold or other sensations. Now repeat this exercise with your other palm.

Stimulating the entire hand.

  1. When you’re proficient in stimulating both your hands, you can use a brushing action to stimulate your entire hand and fingers at the same time. Imagine a large brush brushing all the way from the wrist, across your palm to the tips of all your fingers in one movement. Do this with the other hand.
  2. Now stimulate both of your hands at the same time using this large brushing action.

Once you can clearly sense the energy sensations in both your hands, we can start stimulating your arms.

Stimulating the arms

  1. Begin by stimulating both your hands with brushing, sponging and stirring actions until you can feel the energy sensations.
  2. Relax your dominant arm and create the mental sensation of wrapping it in fabric or gauze from wrist to shoulder for at least 5 minutes. Once you can feel the energy sensations, use the sponging action you used with your thumb and fingers to stimulate your entire arm from wrist to shoulder. I

Imagine your arm as a hollow tube and your cleaning it on the inside with your imaginary sponge. Move it up and, down, up and down for at least 5 minutes. Once you can feel the subtle energy sensations in your dominant arm, you can repeat this entire exercise with your other arm.

  1. Once you can stimulate each arm separately, you can stimulate both arms at the same time with the wrapping and sponging actions until you can feel the energy sensations.
  2. Finally imagine your imaginary sponge moving from the tips of your fingers to your shoulders in one movement, and then down your shoulders to the fingertips. Feel it bouncing up and down your arms until you sense the energy movements.

Stimulating the feet

  1. Using the brushing and sponging actions, begin to stimulate one of your big toes. Then stimulate the other big toe.
  2. Repeat the brushing and sponging actions with the other toes. Start with the second toe, and proceed to the other toes. Once you have stimulated the toes of one foot, move to the other foot and stimulate it in the same manner. After you can sense the energy in the toes, you can proceed to the rest of the foot.
  3. After you have stimulated the toes of one foot, you can stimulate the sole of that foot by mentally stirring the sole in the same manner as you did with the palms of your hands. Repeat this with the other foot.
  4. Stimulate both feet at the same time by mentally brushing the top of your foot from the tips of the toes to the ankle up and down in one movement. Repeat this action with the soles of the feet. Brushing from the heels to the tips of the toes, up and down in one movement.

Stimulating the legs

  1. Begin by stimulating your feet. Imagine wrapping one leg entirely in fabric or gauze from ankle to hip. Then use the sponging action to stimulate the entire leg.
  2. Repeat this with your other leg.
  3. When you can stimulate each leg separately, stimulate both legs at the same time, using the sponging and wrapping actions.
  4. Finally bounce the energy in both legs at the same time by imagining the sponge bouncing up and down both legs from ankle to hip.

Once you can feel energy sensations in your hands, arms, feet, and legs, you are ready to start stimulating your spine.

When you can feel the energy sensations in your arms, hands, legs, and feet, you can start stimulating your entire body.

Stimulating the entire body

To stimulate your entire body, we will use an exercise called polarization. John Mumford describes this technique in his A Chakra and Kundalini Workbook. This is an excellent form of energy work for beginners. This exercise not only stimulates the entire body with prana but also improves concentration and visualization. It involves moving energy from the top of your head, down your trunk and arms, and down towards the legs and feet. From this point afterward, you can discard the previous energy exercises if you want to and focus on this one.

  1. Perform the relaxation technique and keep lying on your back with your eyes closed.
  2. Take a deep breath and as you breathe in, imagine and feel a gold tingling light entering the crown of your head moving down through your entire body and exiting your legs and feet.
  3. When you breathe out, imagine and feel a silver tingling light entering the soles of your feet, moving up through your entire body and exiting through the crown of your head.
  4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you can feel energy sensations through your entire body.

By practicing this technique regularly, you will stimulate the flow of prana through your entire astral body which will prepare you for further energy work. This concludes this introductory guide on energy work for beginners. I will discuss more advanced techniques in a later article.

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