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Scrying Symbols: How to Use and Interpret Them

In this article, we will look at scrying symbols and how to interpret them. One of the first problems beginners at scrying face is how to interpret the visions correctly. The main reason for this is the vastness of the unconscious mind. It’s not just the enormous size of the unconscious that’s a problem, but also it’s extreme variety. The same idea can be presented in many different ways. 

The sheer number of scrying symbols that can appear are staggering. This makes it very difficult for a beginner to interpret their visions. To make sense of them there are special techniques that help a great deal. But, what do I mean by a symbol?

What is a symbol?

In the context of this article, a symbol is a complex idea condensed into a representation. One very good example is the tai chi symbol, better known as the yin yang symbol. The symbol is very simple, it depicts the interplay between opposites found in nature. The picture is represented as a wheel, showing that when a force or idea reaches an extreme, it turns into its opposite. Furthermore, it shows that every force contains the kernel of its opposite.

scrying symbols
The Yin Yang symbol

Although the tai chi symbol is very simple, it represents the entire formidable body of work on Taoism. Thousands of years of knowledge and philosophy that influences many other traditions condensed into one symbolic picture. Religious symbols all make use of this feature. The crucifix of Christianity represents the religious and philosophical texts of this tradition in two simple lines that cross each other.

scrying symbols
The Christian crucifix

Symbols may also be far more complex, such as mandalas, yantras, and pictures of deities and saints. Symbols aren’t necessarily visual but can include mantras, prayers, stories, and parables, it can also include other representations such as smells. The ancient world has numerous incenses that are sacred to a deity or spiritual idea with entire discourses stating their importance.

The ability of symbols to take a lot of information and boil it down to simpler representations is what makes them so powerful. By understanding a symbol, you gain insight into the beliefs of a tradition and its adherents. This makes them essential for accessing mystical states that are hard to understand intellectually.

The work of C.G. Jung and Joseph Campbell shows that symbols are ways in which the unconscious communicates with the conscious mind and that many symbols occur across cultures. Different cultures might represent the same idea differently, but the underlying theme remains the same. 

During scrying, the unconscious comes to the fore dramatically. What you are experiencing during scrying are symbols that function as a representation of a spiritual experience.

The spiritual world is boundless and it exists in a way that is very different from the physical world. When your mind to interact with this world, it creates representations. This doesn’t mean that what you experience in this world isn’t real, but rather that your mind cloaks spiritual experiences in representations that are easier to understand. In this way, the spiritual world can convey a lot of truths in a single experience without completely overwhelming you with its infinite nature.

By using the symbolic nature of the spiritual world, we can control and direct what we want to learn and experience during scrying. In the next lesson, we will look at how to apply this so you can access the spiritual states that you want. 

The two types of scrying symbol

There are effectively two kinds of symbols that come into play during scrying.

  1. Images and sounds that emerge during scrying
  2. Symbols that are used to influence the scrying experience.

The first types of scrying symbols are what make up the experience itself. Every single thing you experience is symbolic of something else during scrying. Whether you see trees, entities, or simply a random image, everything you experience represents or means something. The problem is that these types of symbols are virtually infinite. That makes them difficult to interpret.

To help fix this problem, mystics developed another tool to help their interpretations. This is where the second type of symbol comes into play. If a scryer wants to influence their scrying experience, they will meditate on a symbol. When they enter a scrying trance, the type of symbol they use will help control the scrying experience.

For example, if you were to study the astrological symbol for Venus, you will learn that traditionally, this planet rules love, relationships, and the arts. If you meditate on the physical symbol for the planet Venus, you can have visions that are connected to love, beauty, the arts, etc. 

scrying symbols
Astrological symbol for Venus

This example illustrates how these two types of symbols are related and how you use them together. I will teach you a practical method for working with symbols to order to not only interpret scrying symbols in visions but access different metaphysical realms. By learning to use symbols you have the key to unlock virtually every potential spiritual world, regardless of tradition.

Scrying Symbols and Divination

To start making sense of the images in the scrying session, you need to do some research. Pick a divination method that appeals to you I recommend the Tarot, astrology, or runes, but other similar systems will also work.

Information is freely available on these divination symbols. So, start collecting your symbols and study what they mean. Make sure you know what the symbols mean, the more you know, the better.

You can use any symbols that you prefer; the technique remains the same. We will refer to astrological symbols as an example. 

Step 1.

Make cards of the symbols of the planets and Zodiac signs in astrology. 

Step 2.

Pick a card that you like, it can be any card, as long as it resonates very strongly with you. Now go online and begin researching the card. Don’t use just one source, look at many sources, and try to identify the common thread between them. Try to connect the interpretation of your chosen card to its picture until you understand what the card means for you. Take your time, understand the symbol on the card before going any further.

Step 3.

Now it’s time to use your astrology card to understand the deeper symbolic structure behind it. Prepare to scry, using either the beginner’s technique or a speculum. Look at the card and contemplate its image and meaning for several minutes.

Step 4. 

Begin to scry and let whatever happens next, happens. Let whatever vision unfold in front of you on its own while letting go completely. The experience must be as natural and spontaneous as possible. When the vision unfolds pay attention to the scenes and entities that you encounter. Use your knowledge, experience, and intuition to see how the vision connects to the symbolism of your chosen card. If you feel it doesn’t connect with the card, try again.

Once you’re successful with this exercise, repeat this exercise with the other cards. Continue until you completed all the astrological symbols you want to work with. Practice this exercise until you can consistently produce visions using these symbols. Remember, connecting to symbols like these take time and they take work. However, the rewards are well worth it.

Using scrying symbols in divination.

Step 1.

To perform divination with scrying symbols you can adapt the above exercise. Mentally ask your question and try to make it as clear as possible.

Step 2.

Select a scrying symbol that relates to your question. For example, if you want to ask a question about your friendships, use the symbol for Venus. Or you might have a question about your career, in this case, you can use the symbol for Jupiter. 

Take your time and choose your symbol carefully. It must be a symbolic match for your question.

Step 3.

Set up your scrying area and begin contemplating your question while looking at your scrying symbol for several minutes.

Step 4. 

Begin to scry and ask your question out loud, then observe the visions. The visions will not only be symbolic of your question but will use symbolic pictures relating to astrology. Use your knowledge of astrological symbolism to interpret the visions.

Advanced techniques for scrying symbols.

As I mentioned previously, these exercises can be used with any set of symbols. As long as you research, understand, and have internalized a symbol, you can use it.

One of the more fascinating areas of scrying is metaphysical exploration. A scrying symbol aims to connect your visions to spiritual entities, places, and forces. You can use a scrying symbol that symbolizes an entity or place, to make contact with it.

A very famous example of this practice comes from the Western mystical tradition. This is Kabalistic pathworking. The Kabbalah forms the core of Jewish and modern Hermetic mysticism. It describes the Creator and Creation as being on a continuum. Between the Divine and humanity, there exists a spiritual tissue that connects them.

The Tree of Life of Isaac Luria

This connection between God and humanity is the spiritual world involved in creation. You can read an overview of the traditional Jewish Kabbalah here. For the Hermetic counterpart, you can go here. Pathworking is a scrying technique that is used in the modern Hermetic Kabbalah. This practice aims to connect to the various spiritual worlds and their inhabitants.

If the occultist is successful, they can try to learn from the entities connected to these worlds. This is a goal many occultists aspire to achieve. The practice of contacting spirit entities and learning from them is called spirit evocation. Through spirit evocation, a magician can ask spirit entities to help them manifest their goals, as well as learn spiritual information.

Being taught by a spiritual being is an enlightening practice. Information isn’t transmitted verbally, but through insights and realizations that emerge over weeks and months. Manifestations of your goals can range from almost coincidental to dramatic and life-changing. As you can see, advanced scrying techniques and their symbols are well-worth studying.

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